To catch a tiger, act like a pig / Manifest!

Koumbah Semega-Janneh

Koumbah’s work explores sexual violence as a rite of passage for girls, womxn & femmes. This work is a witnessing. This work addresses the need to re-instate the shadow womxn and her wisdom; questioning the capitalist model of the survivor over the victim and the denial of especially Black womxn & femmes’ ability to inhabit the elusive position of victim meaningfully - so being denied (radical) transformative potential. 


To catch a tiger, act like a pig / Manifest! is the embodiment of her own salvation; a manifest of her sovereignty claimed back from a hostile yt capitalist colonial cis hetero ableist patriarchal state, its logic and its laws; a call to take justice, reparations and retribution back in our own hands. This work is community making.


music production by Sun Runners 女神の恋人達

Koumbah Semega-Janneh is a London-based artist. Born on the occupied yet unceded lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, (in the colony aka Australia); Koumbah’s work explores Black Pacific diasporic visions and neo-colonial confrontations; the embodiment of these realities as gendered bodies pregnant with meaning and trauma, both violently done to and intentionally inscribed as personal ritual; and, the politics of living and living well. She is foremost interested in working with displacement as a position within itself.


Previously graduating with a BA in Anthropology + Media, Koumbah’s work spans performance art, cultural production and community making. She primarily employs movement, sound, writing and film.

Koumbah has worked with artists such as Angela Tiatia; and 2019 Turner Prize recipient Oscar Murillo - ‘The future is already here it’s just not evenly distributed’ Oscar Murillo, Sydney Biennale (2016). She has exhibited, performed and screened work at Firstdraft Gallery (AU), Campbelltown Arts Centre (AU) & Melbourne Fringe Festival (AU).