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Thursday July 16 at 18:00 BST/ 19:00 CEST/ 13:00 EST/ 12:00 COL/ 10:00 PDT


Sunday July 19  at 21:00 BST/ 22:00 CEST/ 16:00 EST/15:00 COL/13:00 PDT


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Bogus - Chapter II: Culona Ants

- Margarita Jimeno

'The crack reveals everything that needs to be told: the flaw in the character that can bring down empires, the fissures in the cocoon that speaks of liberty, the wake up call to a cruel fairytale that has enthralled you and generations before you. And maybe the crack is struggling for space, thru the crack she catches a glimpse of blue sky beyond the shell – and there’s not apocalypse at all'- Excerpt

Bogus - Chapter II: Culona Ants

A scripted freestyle expansive cinema performance. 

Using documentary footage, and video performance I’ll be sharing my desktop telling a story using the internet, applications, videos, text and music.


The Hormiga Culona (big ass ants) will be transmitted through the world wide web. Documenting humans tricking ants to eat them, leads to learning about the flying ants own ancient fairy tale, which in turn connects to Greek mythology told thru the heroin’s journey to illuminate our place on earth at a time in the Anthropocene in which society has come to a grinding halt due to a virus.

Humans and ants dancing together on the web, discoveries of centenary and marginalised tales directly from the soon to be extinct ants. Is it because people eat them? Is it because of the ecological crisis? Is it because nobody cares about ants? 

Margarita Jimeno is a Colombian/American, London based Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and artist. Her work addresses themes of social and cultural borders, belonging, non human dialogues, and other peculiarities of life, which tend to be surrealistic, and political aware. Her films have been screened in the international Film Festival circuit such as CPH:DOX, Göteborg, AFI Fest, winning awards and distributed worldwide under Kino Lorber. Her performances, video-art, photography, and sound pieces have participated in museums and galleries such as the 45th Colombian Art Biennale, MOCA (the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles), Capricious magazine No.13 - WATER,  Thomas Erben Gallery (NYC), the Americas Society Art Gallery (NYC), Whitebox (NYC), La Rebeca Gallery (Bogotá), MAMBO (Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá), Kunst Radio, ORF, and IFM (Institut für Medienarchäologie) Austria,  amongst others. 



A desktop experience by Margarita Jimeno.


Performers: Maxwell Cramer as Eros, Konstantina Tsagianni as Alma (Psyche), and Paola Estefania as Culona Princess, and Jack Bateman as Myth gossiper. 

Nestor Diaz and Magaly Duran as themselves.

Guests: Biologist Mauricio Torres, and Author Susana Castellanos

Original footage shot in Santander Colombia from the work in progress film Bogus by Margarita Jimeno.

Researcher Laura Coxon

Camera Federico Pardo & Margarita Jimeno

Production Assistants Ana Maria Hermida & Felipe Rojas

Virtual 3D Cave Creation by Kolbeinn Hugi


Thank you:

Luisa Ungar, Melanie Bonajo, Rodrik Biersteker, Carlos Vásquez, Lorenzo Montanini, and the Tech Team at Goldsmiths.



Instagram: @majimafia



Email: aloha(AT) majimafia (DOT) com