Life Is Elsewhere

Lorenzo Montanini

Life is Elsewhere is an exploration in video of the concept of “disembodiment”.

When we communicate through social media or a virtual communication tool our presence is weightless, our bodies deprived of substance.

In this new social dimension - fostered by the Covid-19 pandemic - we exist only as light, intangible beings. While slowly going back to being able to meet in person, the issue of physical distancing remains, creating a fracture in the way we can interact with each other.

In a time in which bodies have become an obsession and a “project” through which we express our individuality, the social dimension seems to slowly loose and gain importance at the same time. But can we still talk about bodies if what exists is only their image and sound? What is the meaning of a performance if the body of the performer and those of the audience don’t share the same space?

Lorenzo Montanini is an Italian actor, creator, teacher and director. He has trained with many artists and in a variety of disciplines in Italy and abroad such as B. Meyers, The Living Theatre, Milon Mela, A. Bogart and the SITI Company. He studied cinema at the New York Film Academy and trained in the Suzuki method and Viewpoints at Columbia University and Skidmore College.

Striving to create a theatre that is intimate and epic at the same time, Lorenzo has directed more than 30 shows in Italy and abroad. His work is multidisciplinary, multilingual and always trying to cross boundaries pushing the definition of theatre and live performance. His works have been presented in many theatres and festivals such as Festival Iberoamericano de teatro de Bogotà, Festival Iberoamericano de Cadiz, Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Longlake Festival, Tramedautore, LOOP Festival, Piccolo Teatro, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, La Mama Etc (NYC), Steppenwolf theater (Chicago), LATC (LA) among others.

He has also worked with the European Commission (Resonances Festival) and with the United Nations in New York, participating in projects aimed to build a dialogue between art, science and politics.