// #Tryingtogoviralduringapandemic

Graham Taylor and Liberty Hodes with Adventurespace

Greetings adventurers! #tryingtogoviralduringapandemic grew out of the international lockdown situation and the flurry of activity that heralded going into lockdown in the UK back in March. It quickly became a response to the everyday, banality and boredom, to notions of participation, to how we perform ourselves in the domestic environments that often came to be our worlds for the past few months, how we perform ourselves on social media, and what it is people are doing to occupy their time and minds in this “unprecedented” situation of our “new normal”.


It might be a document of insignificance and activity, of the attempt to create #community in digital spaces where people don’t appreciate mystery, of the role of personhood and how we engage with non-physical/non-human entities, and what happens when you try to go viral for 28 days and don’t. Your mission is to follow @adventurespace2020 on Instagram and the various challenge hashtags, if you want.

Graham Taylor and Liberty Hodes with Adventurespace

Graham Taylor’s work focusses on the role of the artist as author or participant, particularly how they interact with/as authority and providing/insinuating/identifying value. They work across various media, collaborating with different Creative Entities to manifest the work. They currently have ongoing collaborations with the Creative Entities: OVERT operations, TRYBE, MORECHANDISE, ATTEMPTATION and Petra Dish and the Nicotine Tingles. They have performed, exhibited, and published work across the UK and occasionally in Europe.

Liberty Hodes and Graham Taylor are both artists based in the UK. Adventurespace is a Creative Entity/challenge bot they have been working with to make this work. Their work together is driven by DIY ethics and aesthetics, a frustration with capitalism, and the dream of being a punchline to a joke. 


Graham Taylor – 
Instagram: @petra_dish_and_friends
Email: sorethroats@hotmail.co.uk


Liberty Hodes – 
Instagram: @libertyhodes
Email: libertyhodes@gmail.com