MA Performance Making 2020 Final Show Festival

Welcome to CIRCA. the unique Festival of Performance Making Final Shows 2020.
Our 4-day online Final Shows Festival premieres 8 new works by international emerging independent artists.
CIRCA. is what these artists call ‘an act of resilience’ - to pandemic, global recession and as a response to the energetic and vital call from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Digital performance presents an array of challenges and also opportunities for work to exist in the specifically online space. Creating in conditions of isolation, from bedrooms and bathrooms and outdoor spaces  - in the UK, Germany, Greece, Thailand and China - has dictated the working processes employed by these exciting graduating artists. We present their work to you from imperfect situations, for imperfect situations, in the form of live performance-to-camera and recorded performance films. 

CIRCA. offers the opportunity to be distant together for three days in July.

Typical of our MA Programme, these graduating artists are addressing issues of identity and politics, contemporary culture and philosophy, all whilst creating from the enforced poverty of means that lockdown away from the department’s resources, spaces and technologies have imposed. Our programme always begin with a critical session on constraint as a creative force to work with and push against. The idea has never meant quite so much, nor have our students been tested in rising to such a challenge of constraint before.
The MA in Performance Making brings together individuals of all ages and stages, and from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds - actors, dancers, live artists and visual artists - into interdisciplinary collaboration.  The programme demonstrates the many facets of Goldsmiths’ creative research-led postgraduate study today, and this professional Masters programme is internationally recognised as a unique laboratory environment for artistic research.
The Final Shows Festival each year is a culmination of experiment in form and content, across practice and cultural differences, challenging the students in their creative processes. The pieces you will see - and the Festival organisation as a whole - is all the students’ own work, with minimal tutorial guidance. However, here I must thank my colleagues for their exceptional support this year: Graeme Miller for his mentoring guidance in the creations,  and our formidable Technical Team (in alphabetical order):  Rachel Champion, Berthe Fortin, Patrick Furness, Francesca Greatorex and Nao Nagai for supporting our students in their quest to make new work online at this difficult time.
We are delighted that you can join us and support them. Thank you!


Professor Anna Furse

Director: MA in Performance Making


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